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Leveraging Visual Studio 2017, T4 and software factories to improve pattern adherence, ease refactoring and efficiently scaffold an application framework

With or without established coding standards and code reviews, application code tends to have a wide variance in implementation when multiple developers are involved. Variations begin to appear over the course of an application’s lifespan due to the introduction of new requirements or improved techniques, etc. Often implemented variations are never refactored due to schedule or workload constraints. With code factories, much of an application can be automatically generated to match a consistent pattern. When new requirements emerge or new methodologies are introduced into the architecture of the application, the factory template author(s) can simply modify their template(s) and re-run the actions to consistently inject the changes without affecting the code written by the development team in the interim.

Applying software factories to solve architecture problems, pattern adherence and skill set gaps.

  • Skill set gaps and how proper architecture solves them
  • Leveraging patterns to address architecture and skill set challenges
  • Using software factories to solve architecture and skill set problems using CodeFactory




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